CAT (Computer Aided Transcription)With the latest technology known as CAT (Computer Aided Transcription), our stenographers are able to produce a full edited transcript of all types of hearings and meetings simultaneously, whether it be instantly onto the laptops of Judges and parties (known as CaseView) or saved as computer files or simply printed in hard copy at adjournments. These services are provided throughout NZ and overseas.  Our stenographers are also experienced in the taking of U.S. depositions.  

The advantage of using CAT over any other type of evidence recording system is:

  • a reporter is present in the room who can refer to documents and exhibits on the spot to ensure the accuracy of the transcript;
  • our stenographers can record proceedings at 200 words per minute which is well above the average talking speed;
  • everyone in the room can receive the transcript ‘live’ onto laptops or a big screen. This assists anyone with hearing difficulties or simply allows lawyers/Judges to mark specific parts of the evidence that they want to refer back to;
  • CAT transcripts can be used in conjunction with most document management systems;
  • The stenographer is able to read back excerpts from the transcript on demand.